The Alabaster range includes coverage products that are safe for use on congenital birth marks, and inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Tinted Body Lotion is a medium coverage product which creates a skin-like finish, adding a natural three dimensional glow to the skin without visible sparkles or glitter.  The product is transfer-resistant, waterproof and long-lasting (16-24h).  If set with translucent powder, the coverage will remain for over 24 hours.  Coverage is buildable.

Topical medications may be used with Tinted Body Lotion, but the medication should be applied 10 minutes prior to application of Tinted Body Lotion, and allowed to absorb.

The Tinted Body Lotion formulation comprises zinc oxide, a known physical (mineral) sunscreen, however the sun protection factor has not been quantified and may be very low.  Tinted Body Lotion cannot therefore be relied on as a sunscreen, however the formulation is compatible with sunscreen products including zinc-based sunscreens.  Apply sunscreen product first, 10 minutes before applying Tinted Body Lotion, and allow to absorb.

Fragrance Allergens: Tinted Body Lotion formulation comprises microgram amounts of fragrance ingredients, including the following ingredients: Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate and Limonene.  These ingredients are widely and safely used, however patients with cutaneous hypersensitivity should avoid using the lotion.  The concentration of fragrance ingredients in the Tinted Body Lotion formulation is 0.0003%.