Alabaster Tinted Body Lotion was designed with the catwalk in mind.  The sophisticated formulation combines several steps into one, meaning you don’t have to spend time moisturising, applying body makeup and then highlighter to model’s skin – Tinted Body Lotion will achieve all this in one step.  

Our pigments are blended to accurately match the real undertones of pale skin, meaning you can spot-treat flaws, such as red knees or ankles, without needing to cover the whole skin to obtain a good colour match.  There are no orange undertones, meaning that this brand provides what the rest of the market overlooks: a body makeup that doesn’t darken or alter the colour of pale skin.

Tinted Body Lotion not only covers flaws, but gives a natural, skin-like finish with it’s gloss ingredients, including hyaluronate and glycerin.  Once the lotion dries down, or is set with powder, finely milled mica gives a glossy oil-like sheen without sparkle or shimmer.  Natural silicones lock the pigment in, providing 16-24 hour, waterproof coverage.