Creating beautiful, flawless pale skin is easy with Alabaster Tinted Body Lotion


Moisture is the foundation of smooth, bouncy, youthful skin.  As we age, the skin requires double the amount of moisturiser to create the same smooth surface.  Tinted Body Lotion contains layered emollients, skin conditioners and botanical extracts to leave the skin in better condition with every use.


SPF50+ is advisable for preventing sun-damage, as pale skin is particularly vulnerable to solar-related ageing, and skin cancers.  High SPF products do tend to block vitamin D production by the skin however, so aim to increase your dietary intake of vitamin D to compensate.  Tinted Body Lotion has not been designed as a sun-protection product, and should be applied over certified sun protection lotion whenever you are in the sun.


Pale skin is prone to redness and inflammation.  In some cases this will be due to medical reasons, and you should consult your dermatologist or family doctor to treat skin conditions such as folliculitis, acne or various rashes.  For mild irritation. and redness, Tinted Body Lotion is equipped with natural plant extracts that were traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to soothe skin, reduce inflammation and provide a light anti-septic effect.


Colour-matched skin appears visually appealing, and this can be a challenge for many of us, due to red patches, sun-exposed patches and, and pigmentation patches.  Some of the healing extracts in Tinted Body Lotion are believed to reduce pigmentation of the skin, and the colour-balanced pigments reduce the shade difference of different areas of your skin.


Pale skin shows flaws easily, and a good colour-matched body makeup can blur and smooth over any blemishes instantly.  Tinted Body Lotion has a unique blend of colour and highlight pigments that allow your skin to breathe and to be seen, rather than blanking out your real skin completely.  The coverage is buildable as required, and setting the lotion with a translucent powder will ‘bake’ the highlight into an oil-like shine, creating a slimming illusion. Without powder, the lotion stays put for hours and hours, and resists water.  With powder, the lotion stays put until your next shower.